Bumble bees and Sunflowers painted on a fence


Garden Murals

Murals are frequently painted in outdoor spaces and here are some themes painted on garden fences and garden buildings. Whilst the Hedgehogs and Badgers are painted realistically and life size, the Bumblebees are painted much bigger in relation to the Sunflowers for maximum impact

Dragon mural
Sunflowers and bumblebees painted on a sunny garden fence
bumblebees a painted on a fence
garden mural
badgers painted on a fence
hedgehogs painted on a fence
Hedgehogs painted on a wooden fence
Badgers painted on a wooden fence
Killer Whale painted on a wall
sixties themed mural
Orca painted on a wall

Pictured above are brick walls  painted to brighten an outside area; on one side there is an Orca leaping from the water whilst another swims by. On the opposite wall is a 60’s themed ’Tunnel of Love’ comprising hearts and flowers, Butterflies and Bumblebees all in bright, bold colours. Completing the area are star lights set on the ceiling.

The artist and the mural
mural of dinosaurs in a child's bedroom
Chelsea FC themed mural painted in a child's bedroom
The children and mural at Kings Road School, Chelmsford, Essex
A photo of two murals painted at South Woodham Ferrers Railway Station
Sunflowers and Bumblebees painted on a garden fence
Acrylic painting of a breaking wave

All original images ©Murals by Wallworx

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